Collaboration: BARTH HAAS X – BRiGHtER LATER

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Have you ever considered what impact the beer you drink has on the environment?

When you’re in a cosy pub with a cold one on the table, we can see why it might not have crossed your mind. But it’s a question that drives us daily and has done since Bob & Kelly started GCB in 2015. For us, it’s not just about brewing great beer; it’s about nurturing our business to thrive long-term and being kind to the planet at the same time. Our industry has come a long way recently, and farmers, suppliers, couriers, breweries and pubs are increasingly mindful of, and finding ways to reduce, their environmental impact. For us, much of this happens behind closed doors. So, this year we’re excited to share a series of blogposts telling you more about what measures we take, improvements we’re implementing, and collaborations we’re undertaking in our bid to make sustainable choices.  

The Power of Collaboration introducing BRIGHTER LATER

Many of the climate impacts of producing beer are derived from the ingredients involved. It’s important that we consider the ingredients we use to understand where improvements can be made. Our collaboration with BarthHaas X was a conscious choice. We worked closely with our main hop supplier to create a delicious new beer that supports our passion for sustainability. BarthHaas X’s commitment to reducing their environmental impact and dedication to supporting growers really aligns with our values.

BHX are working hard to help their growers mitigate the risks of an increasingly challenging growing season. Traditional hops are particularly struggling to adapt to rapid environmental change. In Germany’s Hallertau region, hop varieties grown for hundreds of years are increasingly being impacted by erratic weather patterns. Rising annual temperatures, less rain and the increased frequency of extreme weather are leading to reduced yield at harvest and in some cases the destruction of the entire crop. You might be asking yourself: how can I help?

Brighter Later being poured into a glass
Holding the hops bags

The science behind the hops:

BHX have developed a series of hops for enhanced flavour and climate resilience. With BHX’s help we selected ‘TANGO’, a cross of Cascade with Hallertau Tradition hops, for this beer. Its longer taproots can dive deeper into the ground, accessing water and minerals during prolonged dry periods. Its larger hop cones mean more yield per plant and more flavour for our beer. It also boasts enhanced natural disease resistance which translates into reduced pesticide use.

The result: greater efficiency for the farmers, a reduction in the need for irrigation in times of drought, less harm to local biodiversity from agricultural run-off and, as these hops are cultivated in Germany, there’s reduced transportation miles leading to less embodied carbon.

BRIGHTER LATER – brand new 5.5% Pale Ale

This one’s more than just a beer. Thanks to BHX for joining us on the brewday here at GCHQ in awesome East Bristol. Alex (marketing, left) and Tom (sales, right) came down to help Kelly, Bob and our brewer Ed. You know the score by now, grain was mashed, wort was boiled, but this time we also added a considerable amount of delicious, climate resilient hops. We were also joined by Paul from our yeast supplier WHC. The bonus of the day was being able, between the heavy lifting, to sit down and discuss our shared passion for sustainability and its broad implications for our industry. 

Yes ok, fine, BUT how does it taste?! Brighter Later rocks vibrant flavours of sweet citrus, passion fruit, grapefruit, and pine from those incredible TANGO hops, paired with a little Callista, Mandarina Bavaria and Huell Melon hops. Our pale ale collaboration pours a bright yellow and has a soft, thirst-quenching body. The result: A deliciously sessionable pale ale!

Brighter Later is out now, offering a tangible taste of what the future of brewing holds.

Head over to our webshop or drop in to see us at the brewery Can Shop in Bristol, we’re open on William Street, BS2 0RG, every weekday from 10ish to 4ish, with a wide range of our best cans, and of course all the latest news straight from the horses’ mouth!

If you’re heading to Liverpool for SIBA BeerX trade show & conference mid-March, don’t miss the chance to check the beer out at the BarthHaas X stand. And make sure you say hi to Bob & Kelly if you spot them there too!

Ed at the mash tun

 We’re committed to environmentally conscious brewing here at Good Chemistry. Brighter Later is a visible demonstration of our commitment to exploring more sustainable ways of brewing, but it’s not the end of this journey. We’ll continue to make thoughtful sustainability choices, to better understand the impact of our ingredients and continue seeking new and innovative ways to brew responsibly. Keep an eye on our social media, sign up to our mailer, and keep checking back here for our next updates on this very important subject.


[Photo at the top of Bob GCB, Tom & Alex BHX, Kelly & Ed GCB and Paul WHC in the brewery; Photo above of the can of Brighter Later; Alex & Tom with their hops bags; Ed at the mash tun; Photos below of Tom BHX adding hops to the whirlpool; Tom & Bob digging out the mash tun; and hops going into the fermenter!]

Tom BHX adding hops to the whirlpool
Tom BHX & Bob GCB digging out the mash tun
Hops going into the fermenter