Double Lager Launch: COOL STORY and SPRING BREAK

Brand new to Good Chemistry this February, we have two lagers coming your way.

Just before Christmas we challenged our brewers, Dan (on the left below) and Oli (in the yellow hat), to come up with a lager recipe each. We wanted two distinctly different lagers exploring the variety and evolution of the style. As you can imagine, the story pretty much writes itself from there. The Brewers thought long and hard about what they both like about lager, they helped each other brew their respective recipes, and then began the nurturing process. Conferring about best practice, what should we do about this, that and the other, and just generally being cool dudes, these guys turned what started off as some friendly competition on the brew floor into a quite unique collaborative project.

It’s one we’re proud to say has turned out spectacularly.

After a long lagering process (‘lagern’ means ‘to store’ in German), these two brews are ready to be unleased on the world!

Over the weekend from Friday 25th February across Bristol come and try COOL STORY and SPRING BREAK. We’ll be pouring both beers alongside each other at a number of venues, so you can grab a glass of both to taste the difference and see how you like them. We’ll be updating here, and on social media, and in our regular mailing list email as the venues are unveiled (but suffice to say The Good Measure is one!). UPDATE: VENUES ARE NOW LISTED BELOW AND ON OUR SOCIAL MEDIA!

We’ve also canned both beers, so if you’re not able to make it to the pub (or even if you are!), you can pre-order your case right now:

Here you can pick up cases of each beer, and we’re also doing a couple of split cases, with six Cool Story and six Spring Break or as a Six-Mix with three each of the beers. These will be delivered in the week of 21st February.

We look forward to hearing what you think of them – let us know over on social media if you’re so inclined!

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SPRING BREAK – brewed by Dan

5.7% Mexican Lager

An easy-drinking lager brewed with a touch of flaked maize alongside a simple pale malt base, this lager was fermented cold for crispness. Saaz and Huell Melon hops give a light bitterness and fresh fruity taste and aroma, leaving the lager dry and balanced.

Dan the Brewer says “I wanted to brew a classic Mexican-style lager meets German premium lager. It’s been inspired by the well-known macro versions of the style, but brewed micro with love, attention and of course a lot of patience.”

This beer was designed to be enjoyed in the sun, the perfect companion for a festival or the beach – but we reckon in the pub in Bristol in late winter will be just as good!

COOL STORY – brewed by Oli

4.9% Helles Lager

Fermented low and slow for crisp refreshment, this is an ode to Bavaria’s finest Helles. German Hallertau Tradition hops, specially bred for their clean character, give this pale golden lager a smooth light bitterness and gentle earthy, fruity aromas, all of which beautifully complement the malt sweetness and bready notes.

Oli the Brewer says “Helles is a showcase of balance, a style that lets you appreciate the finest Munich malts without being sweet or cloying. It’s definitely one of my favourite styles of beer. Let yourself be transported to the beer halls of Bavaria when you drink it.”

This is a beer designed for drinkability – we really hope you enjoy it.