Mini-kegs are back for Bristol!

Updated 29th April: we’ve come to the end of the pallets of mini-kegs we bought over a year ago as a way of trying to mitigate the losses from the packaged beer we had in stock when pubs closed in March 2020. As we’re hoping to be able to sell big kegs to pubs from now on, and we have our awesome canning line for super-mini-kegs(!), we won’t be continuing with this method of getting our beer out to you. Thank you so much for your support and for enjoying mini-kegs while we had them, and we hope you keep on drinking GCB! Cheers.

Dear friends of Good Chemistry Brewing,

We wanted to give you a quick update as we’ve lots happening but have been a bit quiet on here lately. 2020 was obviously a bit disappointing all round (understatement) and we’re not too sure what the rest of 2021’s going to bring, so we’re just going to do our darnedest to keep spirits lifted, keep the cans flowing, and try to brew interesting, exciting, fun beers that we want to drink, and we hope you will too.

The first exciting news is: mini-kegs are back for Bristol!

We packaged beer towards the end of last year that we thought would be going to pubs, but it looks like that’s not going to be the case. We brewed all that beer so it could be enjoyed, and we don’t want it just to sit in our cold room for the next few months. So we’re now going to transfer that kegged beer into mini-kegs for sale straight to you. Selling the beer this way means we can recover some of the cost of producing the beer and ensure that, when our beloved pubs finally get to re-open, we’re in a position to offer them our freshest, newest beers. To this end, all mini-kegs are 21% off for the time being.

The range is also wider than in the first lockdown: not only have we got Kokomo Weekday (our most popular beer, 4.3% tropical session strength IPA), but it’s joined by new session IPA Pure Optimism, Shadow Future (4.2% dry rye stout, to get a little roast in your life) AND, as a special treat, our Vienna lager, 5% Strange Meetings – hopped with Centennial, copper colour, and with a slight sweetness and malty aroma. Perfect for these chilly winter evenings!

[PLEASE NOTE, AS OF 10TH APRIL WE HAVE MADE CHANGES TO OUR DELIVERY OPTIONS – PLEASE SEE MORE RECENT BLOGPOST HERE. Mini-kegs are only available for local delivery, but we’re making that FREE for the duration of this lockdown. We closed our can shop before Christmas and decided not to re-open it yet this year. By offering free local delivery we’re doing our bit to ensure you can stay at home, but still have access to all our beer. Free delivery of mini-kegs and cans will be for addresses within 2 mile radius of GCHQ (BS2 0RG). However, if you live just outside this and want in on the GCB action, drop us an email to (with your full postcode) and if we’re coming your way we’ll see if we can get to you too.

Mini-keg and glass of beer

Our free local deliveries will take place every Thursday (for South & East Bristol) and Friday (North & West Bristol) from now on. This will help us best manage brewing, packaging and deliveries as safely as possible at GCHQ while some of our team also work from home some of the time. If you’d like next-day delivery cans, this service will still be available, but only with the usual delivery charge.]

We thank you for your continued support, both in orders of beer (and merch – still available!) and positive messages. We can’t wait to see you for a pint in the pub or at our brewery tap, but till then hopefully you can enjoy the pub at home with our new mini-kegs.


Kelly & Bob, and Amber, Dan and Liam

PS stay tuned for the next blogpost coming very soon with info on the exciting new cans we’ve got coming out in Feb – there was too much to fit in here, so watch this space!

[Updated 10th April for changes to delivery options, and previously on 24th Feb for new delivery schedule]