The Good Measure build team

The Good Measure, our pub in Redland, has been open for six months now! Thinking back to November and December, we wanted to give you a bit of an idea of those who helped us along the way to getting The Good Measure up and running in the lead-up to Christmas. Some incredibly skilled, talented, hard-working people were involved in turning 2B Chandos Road into the beautiful pub you’ve (hopefully!) all now visited. So as a thank you to them, here are a few more details about them all.

This is Pat. He painted our beautiful sign outside The Good Measure.

Since 1978 he’s combined exhibition sculpture with commissions that have included model-making, heraldic sculpture, public artwork, interior features and, of course, signwriting.

We first found him painting the mural on the wall of Good Chemistry’s neighbours, the Bristol Wood Recycling Project, in St Philips. Although Pat said he didn’t really do signwriting any longer, we wanted something unique and beautiful to adorn the outside of The Good Measure, so we asked Pat if he might possibly be able to work with us on the fascia.

We absolutely love our beautiful sign on Chandos Road – and we hope you do too!

Find out more about Pat on his website.

This is Owen. He painted nearly every surface you can see inside at The Good Measure!

As well as drumming in four different bands at the moment(!) Owen is also rather good at painting, building stuff, fitting stuff and general buildery goodness.

We wanted a complete overhaul of the décor of the pub, so it needed a repaint from top to bottom, outside and inside. If you see any dodgy paintwork at The Good Measure it’s because we insisted on having a go too – definitely not Owen’s handiwork (that’s the good bits).

His good humour, hard graft and long hours meant not only did we complete the renovations of the pub in the short time we wanted to get open before Christmas, but it wasn’t *too* stressful either!

You can follow Owen on twitter @_The_Artisan_

This is Jerry. He built our window seat.

He’s one of Kelly’s Dad’s oldest friends (he called her ‘Flower’ when she was a kid), and we knew Jerry would be perfect for building our fantastic window seat. Complete with storage underneath for the pub’s bits and pieces, it’s a great showpiece for our enormous windows. We hope you take great pleasure in sitting on it as you enjoy a pint or two at The Good Measure!

Jerry has zero online presence, so you’ll just have to look out for him up the pub (most likely when Kelly’s Dad is in town) if you want to let him know you like his handiwork.

This is Elijah. They painted a lot of the interior – including our sunshiney toilets!

A gardener most of the time, when our painter Owen needed an extra pair of hands he called on a fellow musician/tradesperson. Covering up the murals in the toilets and hallway, not to mention getting all that white up in the bar, was no mean feat but Elijah did a great job. They were pretty sick of the sight of yellow paint by the end (those toilets are pretty small spaces for spending many hours with such a bold colour!) but we think it was definitely worth it!

Check out Elijah’s gardening pics here: @dahl_gardens

This is Tom. He moved our bar to give you more room to sit.

We love the idea of having people sitting up at the bar being able to chat to Will, Martyn and Dave. We also love the beautiful big windows that let in so much light beside the bar. We wanted to make sure people could sit at the bar as well as in the window, and in a place as cosy as The Good Measure the bar didn’t need to be as expansive as it was when we moved in. So we brought Tom, a marathon-running carpenter recently relocated from Devon who’d been drinking in the pub mid-run a few times, in to shorten it.

Then of course Owen came in to lay tiles on the newly-exposed floor!

You can find out more about Tom on his website.

This is Mark. He sorted out our cellar so you get excellent beer every pint.

We knew we’d need cellar work done at The Good Measure the first time we went down there, and we knew there was only one man to call. Mark helped us fit the cellar at the brewery tap last year, and what this man doesn’t know about how to make an efficient, effective cellar system probably isn’t worth knowing. He also helped us replace the chiller that stopped working the day we were due to open, easing the building blood-pressures of Bob, Kelly, Sam and Will!

We also fitted these beautiful Harry Mason handpulls so cask could be served for the first time at this site – cheers!

This is Lee. He sorted our electrics so none of us get electrocuted…

Another drummer, Lee has done loads of our electrics at the brewery and was luckily on hand to save the day in the week we opened! As well as fitting the light above the bar and sleek white radiator near the door, he did a super-fast overhaul of some unexpected other bits too.

Lee used to play frisbee with an old friend of Bob and Kelly’s, and loves popping by the brewery while he whizzes all round Bristol on his many jobs to check how we’re doing!

If you need any sparky-type stuff doing at your home, give Lee a shout:

This is Ben. He etched our keg tap handles.

You might recognise Ben from behind the bar at our neighbour the Robin Hood on St Michael’s Hill. He’s been selling Good Chemistry beer for two years now, and we ran two super-busy tap takeovers with him last year.

When we started to talk about our pub, he showed up at our Navy Volunteer tap takeover in late November with a prototype of our beautiful keg tap handles, which you can now see on our eight taps. Each one is hand-etched with our ruler motif by Ben himself, and we absolutely love them. The taps themselves we replaced with brand new Perlicks, the Rolls Royce of taps! Stainless steel construction, forward-sealing design and flow control on each individual tap means we achieve the best pour with every pint – cheer!

This is The Woolly Shepherd. They made our clouds.

It was evident after only a couple of busy days of opening in December that we needed some soft furnishings to quieten everyone’s voices. Based in Somerset, The Woolly Shepherd make natural acoustic sound absorbing panels. We’d seen them in lovely Little Victories on Wapping Wharf, and thought they’d look great in our place too.

We’re really happy with the way they’ve changed the acoustics in the pub – and they look super-cute as well.

Check them out on their website.

This is Confederation Studio. They gave The Good Measure its visual identity and made us look great.

Bob and Kelly worked with Confederation on the branding for Good Chemistry, talking at length and in detail with Nahim who runs the design agency. We were lucky enough to have many opportunities to discuss our fledgling business, because Nahim is Bob’s brother-in-law. He’s built a great team of designers around him, and they’ve worked on some great projects. We love the way they think outside the box and bring that thoughtfulness and creativity to the table, and we absolutely love the brand and personality we’ve been able to bring to our corner of Chandos Road.

See more of Confederation Studio’s work at their website.

This is Ebony Rose Upholstery. They made our comfy window seat cushions.

We love working with small, local, independent businesses like us, and these guys are just round the corner from the brewery on awesome Old Market. They’ve done work for places like Harvey Nichols and The Louisiana, so we’re in good company.They were hugely accommodating when we asked loads of questions about what the best fabric was and making colour choices and whether to get piping or buttons or piping AND buttons or neither of these…!

We LOVE our beautiful window seat, and hope you do too.

Find Ebony Rose on Old Market and on their website.