These are the brews we’ve got on the go at the moment.


2018’s version of our fruited sour is a weissbier – refreshing, fun and fruity! We blend Pilsner malt with malted and unmalted wheat, sour the wort with a vegan friendly culture and then add stacks of fruit. Inspired by the Florida-Weiss beers of America, themselves born out of the Berliner Weiss beers of Germany, this is a thoroughly modern beer particularly good in the sun.

Launched at GCHQ on 6th & 7th July: Blackcurrant.  Launched at GCHQ on 20th & 21st July: Pineapple.

Unfined with a natural haze; proud to have made Disco Fizz vegan friendly in 2018 (more on this here). Available in keg only. Contains malted barley, oats, wheat

ABV: 4.2%   O.G.: 1.036   F.G.: 1.004   IBU: 13

  • 10% HOPPINESS 10%
  • 21% MALTINESS 21%
  • 34% BITTERNESS 34%
  • 23% SWEETNESS 23%
  • 22% BODY 22%


Our newest collaboration with our friends from Holy Roar Records, this beach ball of a beer celebrates summer festival season – which is why we’ve only gone and canned it! We’ve taken a rich and sweet malty base and added 140kgs of peach and sweet cherry puree. Then to top off the fruitiness we’ve dry hopped it with Citra, Mosaic and Hallertau Blanc.

This beer was launched across the country at the end of June – check out our events page and fcbk for more details.

We’ve also written a few words about why we love working with HRR on our blog.

Unfined with a natural haze; vegan friendly. Available in keg and can. Contains malted barley and wheat

ABV: 5%   O.G.: 1.063   F.G.: 1.014   IBU: 44

  • 64% HOPPINESS 64%
  • 22% MALTINESS 22%
  • 30% BITTERNESS 30%
  • 68% SWEETNESS 68%
  • 40% BODY 40%


Our first collaboration with another brewery, this sweet smoky stout was brewed with our friends from Staggeringly Good Beer in Southsea. They run WarriorFest, a dinosaur-and-pirate-themed beer festival on board war ship HMS Warrior in Portsmouth’s historic dockyard. This beer has been made in anticipation of that great event. So half of it went into keg and the rest into whisky barrels for six months. Now in cask, half is down in Portsmouth for the festival and the rest is staying in Bristol for the brewery tap and special occasions. Keep an eye on our social media for where this beer will be pouring!

Black Prince is packed full of interesting malts: as well as Extra Pale for the base, we used two different types of Crystal, Chocolate, Black, Roasted Barley, Amber and of course some Smoked malt!

And the name? Black Prince was the sister ship to our festival vessel, the Warrior.

Unfined with a natural haze; vegan friendly. Available in cask. Contains malted barley

ABV: 7.4%   O.G.: 1.073   F.G.: 1.023   IBU: 46

  • 30% HOPPINESS 30%
  • 76% MALTINESS 76%
  • 45% BITTERNESS 45%
  • 60% SWEETNESS 60%
  • 67% BODY 67%


After the success of its bigger partner, we wanted to bring our antidote to the grey West Country winter to the rest of your week too. First brewed in January 2018, this is a session strength IPA drenched in sunshine and full of tropical flavours. Pineapple, passionfruit and mango dominate but this is all from the hops.

Here’s the story behind Kokomo Weekday.

Unfined with a natural haze; vegan friendly. Contains malted barley and oats

ABV: 4.3%   O.G.: 1.044   F.G.: 1.010   IBU: 24

  • 91% HOPPINESS 91%
  • 21% MALTINESS 21%
  • 30% BITTERNESS 30%
  • 43% SWEETNESS 43%
  • 36% BODY 36%


Our summer strong pale ale, packed with American hops. Cascade, Centennial, Citra and Simcoe all come together for a zesty, pithy, citrus hit with flavours of grapefruit, melon and lemon curd. The malt base provides full bodied support, a light, balancing sweetness and a golden colour.

Unfined with a natural haze; vegan friendly. Available in cask and keg. Contains malted barley, wheat and oats

ABV: 5%   O.G.: 1.048   F.G.: 1.010   IBU: 27


  • 75% HOPPINESS 75%
  • 37% MALTINESS 37%
  • 65% BITTERNESS 65%
  • 28% SWEETNESS 28%
  • 40% BODY 40%


We’ve gone back to our roots for this one and brewed a classic English bitter. Sitting in a pub with a pint of cask bitter is one of our favourite things to do. It’s part of a grand tradition of pub life that stretches back generations in this country. We want to celebrate those traditions with this beer, which is our exploration of the style of beers we grew up drinking.

We’ve been developing the recipe over the months to take in different aspects of traditional English beers. Expect to see some darker beers, some lighter beers, modern and classic hops, as we aim to nail down what it is about this type of beer that has such an enduring appeal.

What will stay true throughout the brews is that it will always have British hops, and always be fermented in our open top tanks. This style of beer isn’t a showy scene-stealer, and nor should it be. It’s a beer brewed to accompany conversation and laughter. And always brewed for cask.

Unfined with a natural haze; vegan friendly. Available in cask only. Contains malted barley and wheat

ABV: 3.8%   O.G.: 1.040   F.G.: 1.009   IBU: 29

  • 43% HOPPINESS 43%
  • 55% MALTINESS 55%
  • 61% BITTERNESS 61%
  • 30% SWEETNESS 30%
  • 36% BODY 36%


An American style pale ale designed to be refreshing and easy drinking. We’ve built a light malt base to allow the Simcoe and Equinox hops to take centre stage, and the dry finish makes this a beer to go back to.

Unfined with a natural haze; vegan friendly. Available in cask and keg. Contains malted barley and wheat

ABV: 4%   O.G.: 1.038   F.G.: 1.007   IBU: 31

  • 73% HOPPINESS 73%
  • 28% MALTINESS 28%
  • 32% BITTERNESS 32%
  • 28% SWEETNESS 28%
  • 38% BODY 38%


This is a bright, crisp and zesty Belgian style Wit beer. We have carried on the tradition of adding spices to this style of beer, with Chamomile flowers, Coriander seeds and Orange zest in the boil. The combination of wheat and pilsner malts provide the signature haze and light colour, with the continental yeast strain adding flavours of clove and a hint of banana.

Unfined with a natural haze; vegan friendly. Only available in keg. Contains malted barley, oats and wheat

ABV: 4.1%   O.G.: 1.042   F.G.: 1.010   IBU: 20

  • 36% HOPPINESS 36%
  • 41% MALTINESS 41%
  • 34% BITTERNESS 34%
  • 55% SWEETNESS 55%
  • 54% BODY 54%


A light, refreshing beer inspired by the ‘Patersbier’ brews of Belgian monks – the ones they kept for themselves! The simple malt bill and continental hops allow the yeast to be the star of the show.

Unfined with a natural haze; vegan friendly. Available in keg and bottle. Contains malted barley

ABV: 3.7%   O.G.: 1.037   F.G.: 1.008   IBU: 22

  • 38% HOPPINESS 38%
  • 60% MALTINESS 60%
  • 45% SWEETNESS 45%
  • 41% BITTERNESS 41%
  • 50% BODY 50%


We’ve taken the full bodied sweetness of a red ale and given it a spicy rye edge. Add in the robust hit of American hops, and you have a beer to savour in all weathers.

Unfined with a natural haze; vegan friendly. Contains malted barley, wheat and rye

ABV: 5.3%   O.G.: 1.048   F.G.: 1.009   IBU: 28

  • 72% HOPPINESS 72%
  • 59% MALTINESS 59%
  • 63% BITTERNESS 63%
  • 45% SWEETNESS 45%
  • 70% BODY 70%



You can tell how alcoholic your beer
is from how things float in it.