These are the brews we’ve MADE IN THE PAST.


Like Time Lapse, Fool’s Mate is our development of a great British beer. This time it’s the golden English pale. We’ll be tweaking the recipe over the summer months to get it exactly where we think it should be, but what will stay true throughout the brews is that it will always have British hops, always be fermented in our open top tanks, and always be brewed for cask.

Unfined with a natural haze; vegan friendly. Contains malted barley, wheat

ABV: 3.8%   O.G.: 1.042   F.G.: 1.012

  • 60% HOPPINESS 60%
  • 40% MALTINESS 40%
  • 75% SWEETNESS 75%
  • 30% BITTERNESS 30%
  • 25% BODY 25%


This is a dry stout brewed with oats and rye. No frills, no fuss, this is a straight-forward beer for when you need a little roast in your life. With a base of extra pale malt, we’ve added roasted barley, flaked oats and rye to the mash.

Unfined with a natural haze; vegan friendly. Contains malted barley, oats and rye.

ABV: 4.2%   O.G.: 1.039   F.G.: 1.007   IBU: 39

  • 38% HOPPINESS 38%
  • 42% MALTINESS 42%
  • 61% SWEETNESS 61%
  • 26% BITTERNESS 26%
  • 40% BODY 40%


An antidote to the grey West Country winter! This is an IPA drenched in sunshine and saturated with tropical flavour. Pineapple, passionfruit and mango dominate but this is all from the hops. Grab a glass and come mambo by the pool!

Here’s the background to Kokomo Weekend, and here’s a video of the brewday.

Unfined with a natural haze; vegan friendly. Contains malted barley, oats, wheat

ABV: 7%   O.G.: 1.061   F.G.: 1.008   IBU: 44

  • 91% HOPPINESS 91%
  • 21% MALTINESS 21%
  • 30% BITTERNESS 30%
  • 43% SWEETNESS 43%
  • 36% BODY 36%


This is a bright, crisp and zesty Belgian style Wit beer. We have carried on the tradition of adding spices to this style of beer, with Chamomile flowers, Coriander seeds and Orange zest in the boil. The combination of wheat and pilsner malts provide the signature haze and light colour, with the continental yeast strain adding flavours of clove and a hint of banana.

Unfined with a natural haze; vegan friendly. Contains malted barley, oats and wheat

ABV: 4.1%   O.G.: 1.042   F.G.: 1.010   IBU: 20

  • 36% HOPPINESS 36%
  • 41% MALTINESS 41%
  • 34% BITTERNESS 34%
  • 55% SWEETNESS 55%
  • 54% BODY 54%


Our first collaboration with another brewery, this sweet smoky stout was brewed with our friends from Staggeringly Good Beer in Southsea. They run WarriorFest, a dinosaur-and-pirate-themed beer festival on board war ship HMS Warrior in Portsmouth’s historic dockyard. This beer has been made in anticipation of that great event. So half of it went into keg and the rest into whisky barrels for six months then into cask down to Portsmouth for the festival and in Bristol for the brewery tap and special occasions.

Black Prince is packed full of interesting malts: as well as Extra Pale for the base, we used two different types of Crystal, Chocolate, Black, Roasted Barley, Amber and of course some Smoked malt!

And the name? Black Prince was the sister ship to our festival vessel, the Warrior.

Unfined with a natural haze; vegan friendly. Available in cask. Contains malted barley

ABV: 7.4%   O.G.: 1.073   F.G.: 1.023   IBU: 46

  • 30% HOPPINESS 30%
  • 76% MALTINESS 76%
  • 45% BITTERNESS 45%
  • 60% SWEETNESS 60%
  • 67% BODY 67%