These are the brews we’ve MADE IN THE PAST.


Taking cues from the brewers of the Baltics, we selected a lager yeast to ferment this dark beer. Keeping the fermentation cold, at around 11 degrees C, makes this beer extra smooth and brings out the chocolatey malt flavours.

Check out the story behind Becoming North here.

Unfined with a natural haze; vegan friendly. Contains malted barley and oats

ABV: 6%   O.G.: 1.061   F.G.: 1.016   IBU: 26

  • 19% HOPPINESS 19%
  • 80% MALTINESS 80%
  • 35% BITTERNESS 35%
  • 55% SWEETNESS 55%
  • 68% BODY 68%


We’ve taken the full bodied sweetness of a red ale and given it a spicy rye edge. Add in the robust hit of American hops, and you have a beer to savour in all weathers.

Unfined with a natural haze; vegan friendly. Contains malted barley, wheat and rye

ABV: 5.3%   O.G.: 1.048   F.G.: 1.009   IBU: 28

  • 72% HOPPINESS 72%
  • 59% MALTINESS 59%
  • 63% BITTERNESS 63%
  • 45% SWEETNESS 45%
  • 70% BODY 70%


This is a development of the first beer Bob ever brewed. It’s a modern pale ale with a malt backbone to suit the season. We used a whole heap of classic American hops in our whirlpool to give the beer big aroma and flavour. Brash, bold and assertive.

Unfined with a natural haze; vegan friendly. Contains malted barley and wheat

ABV: 4.4%   O.G.: 1.044   F.G.: 1.010   IBU: 40

  • 72% HOPPINESS 72%
  • 64% MALTINESS 64%
  • 67% BITTERNESS 67%
  • 58% SWEETNESS 58%
  • 65% BODY 65%


An approachable, fruity and thirst quenching amber ale, we brewed Numbers Game in collaboration with Chris Williams, the man behind No. 12 Easton and 25a Old Market. The aim was to produce a beer that would go well with the flavourful food on offer at Chris’ cafes. Our light bodied amber has a richness and sweetness to work with the food without being too heavy. The blend of American hops contributes extra flavour with a fruity aroma, and brings a light bitterness to balance the beer.

As Chris would say “it’s a thing of beauty”!

Check out our video of the making of this beer here.

Vegan friendly, only available in keg; this beer contains malted barley

ABV: 4.8%   O.G.: 1.050   F.G.: 1.012   IBU: 26

  • 67% HOPPINESS 67%
  • 54% MALTINESS 54%
  • 50% BITTERNESS 50%
  • 63% SWEETNESS 63%
  • 74% BODY 74%


Our first Christmas special. Advent Horizon is a rich stock ale for the dark nights. This beer delivers the flavour and body of an old ale but at a more sessionable strength. It is a brew designed for keeping, blending or drinking right now.

Unfined with a natural haze; vegan friendly. Contains malted barley

ABV: 5.6%   O.G.: 1.063   F.G.: 1.020   IBU: 33

  • 30% HOPPINESS 30%
  • 76% MALTINESS 76%
  • 45% BITTERNESS 45%
  • 60% SWEETNESS 60%
  • 67% BODY 67%


Bursting with Azacca and Eldorado hops and brewed in collaboration with Brighton's Bison Beer. An autumnal IPA with flavours of toffee apple and a spicy rye edge. This was brewed at the end of Bristol Beer Week following Bison's bike ride from Brighton to Bristol. Read all about it on our blog page here.

While this batch of Ryed With Us was available on keg only at selected pubs, bars and shops across Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, Brighton and London, we hope to brew it again with Bison for their eagerly-anticipated pub opening on Brighton seafront summer 2017, The Bison Arms!

Unfined with a natural haze; vegan friendly. Contains malted barley and rye

ABV: 6.4%   O.G.: 1.057   F.G.: 1.008   IBU: 53

  • 88% HOPPINESS 88%
  • 32% MALTINESS 32%
  • 50% BITTERNESS 50%
  • 46% SWEETNESS 46%
  • 55% BODY 55%


We had a theory that a sweet and malty beer could pair well with dark, sour cherries. Opposite flavours could come together to make something awesome. The result of our experiment is this rich, indulgent beer that was aged on 60kg of Morello cherries and fermented with a blend of Belgian yeasts to add a little extra spiciness. See how we made Morello Theory here.

Most of this brew went into bottle, but we did fill a few kegs for our own events and special tap take-overs. The last couple of these kegs will be unleashed in 2017!

Unfined with a natural haze; vegan friendly. Contains malted barley and wheat

ABV: 6.5%   O.G.: 1.069   F.G.: 1.019   IBU: 27

  • 17% HOPPINESS 17%
  • 76% MALTINESS 76%
  • 38% BITTERNESS 38%
  • 60% SWEETNESS 60%
  • 71% BODY 71%


Building on the tradition of beers brewed for workers, this is a contemporary beer for works in need of refreshment. We used the same saison yeast as in Field Work, but we kept the fermentation temperature a little lower to keep the flavour in check. The hops in this beer are Hallertau Blanc, one of the new continental varieties of hops. It adds quite sophisticated flavours reminiscent of white wine, gooseberries and elderflowers.

Unfined with a natural haze; vegan friendly. Contains malted barley and wheat

ABV: 4.1%   O.G.: 1.033   F.G.: 1.002   IBU: 27

  • 65% HOPPINESS 65%
  • 35% MALTINESS 35%
  • 45% BITTERNESS 45%
  • 25% SWEETNESS 25%
  • 30% BODY 30%


A light, refreshing beer inspired by the ‘Patersbier’ brews of Belgian monks – the ones they kept back for themselves! Plenty of oats and wheat deliver body, and support the floral and spicy hops – Hallertau and Tettnang. It was fermented with a blend of three Belgian yeasts to give it an extra level of complexity.

Contains malted barley and wheat

ABV: 3.7%   O.G.: 1.037   F.G.: 1.008   IBU: 22

  • 38% HOPPINESS 38%
  • 60% MALTINESS 60%
  • 45% SWEETNESS 45%
  • 41% BITTERNESS 41%
  • 50% BODY 50%


This is an exploration into brewing a low ABV dark beer. We added black treacle for richness, and oats for more body than you’d expect from a beer of this strength. Size isn’t everything.

Contains malted barley

ABV: 2.4%   O.G.: 1.035   F.G.: 1.016   IBU: 23

  • 21% HOPPINESS 21%
  • 45% MALTINESS 45%
  • 38% BITTERNESS 38%
  • 30% SWEETNESS 30%
  • 39% BODY 39%


Rewarding,complex and maltily satisfying. This is the same blend of Belgian yeasts we use in Fresh Start, but we raise the fermentation temperature to make the yeast work a bit harder. This produces richer flavours of banana and toffee and supports the caramel and stone fruit flavours from the malts.

Only available in keg. Contains malted barley and wheat

ABV: 4.4%   O.G.: 1.047   F.G.: 1.011   IBU: 16

  • 25% HOPPINESS 25%
  • 68% MALTINESS 68%
  • 30% BITTERNESS 30%
  • 71% SWEETNESS 71%
  • 60% BODY 60%


Oak fermented strong English bitter brewed with rye, crystal, brown and chocolate malts, inspired by photos of beer festivals from the 1970s when virtually all beers were served from oak casks. The oaky character has all but gone from modern beers, so we decided to bring it back in a big way!

Contains malted barley and rye

ABV: 5.3%   O.G.: 1.051   F.G.: 1.011   IBU: 25

  • 25% HOPPINESS 25%
  • 71% MALTINESS 71%
  • 36% BITTERNESS 30%
  • 47% SWEETNESS 47%
  • 68% BODY 68%


Dark beers like this were popular with dock workers in the 1800s. We’ve packed in eight different malts to draw out flavours of chocolate, coffee, caramel and dried fruits.

Contains malted barley

ABV: 3.2%   O.G.: 1.041   F.G.: 1.016   IBU: 27

  • 25% HOPPINESS 25%
  • 55% MALTINESS 55%
  • 40% SWEETNESS 40%
  • 57% BITTERNESS 57%
  • 61% BODY 61%



You can tell how alcoholic your beer
is from how things float in it.